Create the same voice as BB-8’s voice

If you’re a fan of the cute and endearing BB-8 droid that appears in Episode VII of the Star Wars saga, then you definitely love its “voice” or rather the sound effects which, by the way, were created by American actors Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz using an iPad and a sound effects an application.

Today, for only $1.20, with Bebot mobile application you can create the same sound effects.

This application is a fully featured musical synthesizer that lets you create and edit your own sounds and apply effects. It also comes with a wide choice of preset sounds. And all this is built into a friendly animated robot, who performs your music while you play.

Bebot 4

Its easy-to-use touch control makes it easy to use it even on your IPhone. Therefore, it’s through your phone or tablet that will be able to “speak” the same language as the cute BB -8 but with a richer vocabulary … of sounds.

Several demo videos are available on Bebot official website.

With App-to-App Audio Routing models such as Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, you can make your application even more versatile and useful by connecting it to other applications such as Bebot GarageBand for recording, multitrack and add effects.

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