Tearaway Unfolded for PlayStation®4

The remake of the BAFTA award-winning Tearaway™ game

Released September 8, 2015, Tearaway™ Unfolded for PlayStation®4 is an expanded remake of the BAFTA award-winning Tearaway™ game, the latest gem from the creators of LittleBigPlanet. It represents one of the most successful examples of the inventive gaming potential.

Initially designed for PS Vita, the Media Molecule studio brilliantly managed to reinvent PS Vita touch screen capabilities and the world of Tearaway on PlayStation 4 controller and all this, in an enhanced and redesigned version.

What’s new

This new version provides new sequences but also an unprecedented ease-of-use.

The Unfolded version includes elements already available in the original version (the places, the characters, the soundtrack) while adding side-objectives and additional levels, new areas (especially the dark areas) and new enemies. The frame is bigger and more immersive, the mission is more dangerous but the new user experience is mainly the result of the of the DualShock4’s unique features.

The player guides his hero /heroine through environments made almost entirely out of paper by pointing to the screen the lightbar on the front of the DualShock controller. The light beam can thus illuminate the amazing papery universe and the dark areas while animating the fantastic scenery and the characters.

tearaway nuit

By clicking or swiping your finger across the touch pad, you can set the direction of the wind, to draw, to adjust the sharpness of the pictures taken, to operate the drum and open the presents hidden in the papery landscape.

This original adventure retains all its charm and successfully transposes the experience offered two years ago in terms of both content and form.


Tearaway Unfolded is a rich, seductive, creative and unique adventure game with sublime designs.

Early in the game you can choose your male character (Iota) or its female equivalent (Atoi), a brave messenger (whose head has the form of an envelope) that will have to go on an adventure through a vibrant papery world in order to deliver a unique message to you!

The universe, a papery world that holds in your hands, allows you to enter the game and control directly the main character. By giving him super powers you help you messenger with this important delivery and to save the world from the invasion of Scraps and the vile boxes whose intention is to … destroy everything.

In the game, you will act also as a god or a spiritual guide for our hero, symbolized by a deity located inside a sun. Therefore, as a player, not only you’ll be part of the adventure, but you’ll also play a dual role: that of Iota/Atoi and that of the deity.

The papery universe is vibrant offering a pleasant environment to walk: we run on magic clearings after confetti fluttering in the air and presents hidden in the plains and mountains made of paper.  Each element of the decor folds, unfolds, creases. In addition, an excellent and rich soundtrack which fits perfectly into what is happening on the screen accompanies you throughout the adventure.

tearaway décor

In order to access the presents, you jump on springboards and drums, jump to high platforms, traverse cylindrical bridges, climb a hill or traverse great gorges.

In order for some gifts to open you’ll need to help the funny papercraft animals who cross your path (squirrels, mice, pigs …) to find their colours stolen by Scraps (e.g. by taking pictures, by cutting a paper crown with virtual scissors, by drawing various objects they’ll ask you to draw – such as a moustache).

tearaway tambours

Throughout your adventure you’ll reap confetti allowing you to buy decorations for your character (Iota/Atoi) or to get camera filters. From Decorations Menu, you can also draw your own creations.

In this beautiful setting, you can move things or turn them upside down. You can craft everything that goes through your head by cutting coloured leaves. You will fight against the enemies made ​​of newspapers by pouncing on or rolling over them at full speed. You can grow plants or hypnotize malicious boxes in order to attract them into specific traps or get rid of them.

Light up a plant and it will offer you an apple. Pick it up and throw it in an apple-shaped pot. The plant will then unfold a paper petal opening a bridge allowing you to cross a ravine.

tearaway monde du papier

If you’re a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the continually reinvented Tearaway universe will captivate you for sure!

A second player can join you and help you with in this amazing adventure.

Important Note

The game received three BAFTAs including Artistic Achievement; SXSW Gaming Award for Design & Direction; a GANG award for Best Handheld Audio; and E3 2013’s Game Critic’s award for Best Handheld.

You can bring the papery world of Tearaway™ to life in your own home with pieces of paper! If you ‘re tempted by this adventure, please visit the Tearaway Game Facebook page  in order to plan and build your own and very customizable Tearaway Papercraft Elk.

You can also visit the Media Molecule studio blog for all the updates and latest news.

Support: PS4

Compatible with PlayStation App on smartphones, tablets and PS Vita – Sony Computer

PEGI: 7 years

Price: 50 € (40 € for download)

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