PicInTouch – a creative way to overcome the digital divide and connect with faraway grandparents


The digital revolution has profoundly changed transgenerational relationships. While Skype is increasingly used by grandparents whose grandchildren live far away, most grandparents struggle with using new technologies to get closer to their grandchildren.

Currently, 30% of adults aged 65 and older live alone. Social isolation and loneliness can lead to serious consequences for senior health, including a higher risk of mortality, poor cognitive performance and risk of dementia, increased risk for depression, and high blood pressure.

It is to meet this need of staying in touch and connected (when grandparents and grandchildren do not have the same familiarity with the communication devices appeared in the last decade), that the PicInTouch service has been developed.

PicInTouch is a magic email address, to which the family can send photos so that grandparents receive them printed by mail (for their birthday or any other holiday throughout the year).


How it works?

You select a PicInTouch subscription, create an e-mail address such as grandparents@picintouch.com, and then share that address with as many family members as you want. You send your photos electronically and the grandparents will receive them by mail.

Each week, the PicInTouch team prints the photos received during the week and sends them to Granny in a beautiful, almost handwritten blue envelope that reminds her of the joy of receiving a REAL mail.

The frequency and the number of photos you want to send per mail it’s up to you – what’s important is that Granny or Grandpa continue to enjoy your smiles throughout the year and see their little ones grow.

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