The “Help me understand” Game

This game is derived from the “WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW ” activity, described in the book Facilitator ‘s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Sam Kaner and inspired from Techniques of Structured Problem Solving by A.B. VanGundy.

Objective: This game is very useful when dealing with change within the company, when developing a new project or taking new initiatives that raise questions or concerns among employees.

As leaders can not anticipate all of their employees’ questions, this game represents an excellent opportunity for employees to express their thoughts in an informal manner and submit all the questions to their leaders. It also enables participants to explore the questions that other employees might have and allows leaders to discover the main concerns of their employees.

Number of Players: 5-25

Duration: 30mins to 1H30


  1. Start by writing the main topic of the meeting followed by the questions: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? and HOW? on a big whiteboard. Then distribute post-it notes and pens to all participants.
  2. Explain to the group that the main aim of this exercise is to have them share all their questions with their leaders so that they be able to understand their concerns and answer their questions.
  3. Begin with the “WHO?” category and allow at least 5 minutes for participants to note all their “Who” questions.
  4. Ask them to come and stick their post-it on the whiteboard and to group the ideas / similar issues and concerns by circling the most important groupings.
  5. Ask the leaders to respond to the most common questions as well as to the isolated but interesting ones.
  6. Repeat the process for all the remaining categories of questions while asking the leaders to answer them.
  7. At the end of the game, gather all the questions so that leaders can later review them and answer to those that have not been discussed during the meeting.

Remark: The second method would be to put  the questions one by one by asking the participants to create sticky notes for the five categories of questions and to group them all in the first part of the meeting. Leaders will then answer the main questions during the second part of the meeting.

Choose the method that you think is best for your group!

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