Travel around the world and back in time

With HistoryPin

Maybe tomorrow we will have the keys to travel to the future, but today we can already travel back in time with the HistoryPin PC application .

History Pin detects your location and search in its database for photos of the same location, at the time of your choice, making appear on the screen the place you are as it was 50 or 100 years ago. Magic!

Thanks to Google Maps, users can overlay black and white photo (took a few decades ago) and compare them with the contemporary location.

Google Street View HistoryPin

The initiative belongs to Historypin as part of their mission to fight against the isolation of individuals by sharing the common heritage.

More than 380,000 multimedia documents are already compiled by more than 60,000 historians, amateurs but also institutions whose aim is to preserve our common memory and to create a more immersive background (made ​​of images and sounds).

Unfortunately, the mobile application has been withdrawn temporarily from the Apples and Android stores. As the maintenance of the mobile application was resource consuming, the Historypin team prefers to focus on new areas of the HistoryPin web platform, including new features that will work much better on mobile devices as well. A new mobile application is expected in the near future.

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