Strategic questions to make the best of the innovation era

Ask big questions that make the difference

Despite what Newton’s apple might suggest, ideas don’t just fall from the sky. We spend a lot of time working and not enough time wondering about what we should really work and invest on.

Number of projects and companies failed due to lack of time for asking the right questions.

Therefore, we must find the ideas in the subjects we’re passionate about and dare to ask the big questions that make the difference.

These questions deserve all your attention and commitment:

  • What are the five innovations that will have a direct impact on your business in the coming years?
  • What are the changes to which we should devote more strategic attention?
  • What are the new opportunities that recent innovations open to us, professionally and personally?
  • Which are the markets to reinvent and those to create from A to Z?
  • What are the real needs of our tomorrow’s customers?
  • What are the negative reviews of our customers to which we remain invariably deaf?
  • What are the strengths and hidden resources of our company and whose potential we don’t see yet?
  • What are the major shortcomings of our organization to which we prefer to turn a blind eye?
  • What changes in values, behaviors and speech should we initiate?
  • What new responsibilities do we need to consider?
  • How to adapt or revolutionize our structure for tomorrow’s challenges and this, at all levels?
  • What are our certainties and paradigms that we need to reinvent or to break?

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