Top game changing and life impacting books

13th February 2016 0

“There are really only two things that can change a human being: love and reading a great book”. – Paul Desalmand The magic of books is one of the few forms of “magic” in which I […]

Tearaway Unfolded for PlayStation®4

13th February 2016 0

Released September 8, 2015, Tearaway™ Unfolded for PlayStation®4 is an expanded remake of the BAFTA award-winning Tearaway™ game, the latest gem from the creators of LittleBigPlanet. It represents one of the most successful examples of […]

NVC : The Non Violent Communication

13th February 2016 1

Violence occurs everywhere in our society. The feeling of insecurity is increasingly felt by many and the breakdown in communication and dialogue leads to aggressiveness, misunderstanding, and even hate and paranoia between each other. Many […]

Towards Quantum Internet

13th February 2016 0

Thanks to the internet, an email can be sent between two people much faster than a letter in the mail a few years ago; or two hundred years ago when you had to use a […]

The Wheel of Innovation

13th February 2016 2

The wheel of innovation is a diagnostic tool in the innovation potential of a company, team or service by taking into account both human characteristics and organizational elements according to six criteria: Open mindedness Strategical […]

Perception matters

13th February 2016 5

It might seem obvious that perception matters.  After all, first impressions form quickly (and they matter). After all, traditional jobs run on office politics; the ability of newspapers to provide neutral, objective and accurate information […]

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