Your face is Big Data

20th December 2016 0

How would you like it if you some stranger snapped your picture and then used that photo to find out your real name, your address and other information about you? If face recognition technology may […]

Lend your eyes to the blind with Be My Eyes App

11th June 2016 1

Following RogerVoice mobile application that allows deaf and hearing impaired to have a real conversation, Be My Eyes app helps blind people in their daily lives by connecting them with a network of sighted volunteer […]

Turn your messages into adventures

12th March 2016 10

Tired of traditional instant messaging? Want to send your friends messages they will actually remember? Want to send your friends on an adventure? This is Traces, an app created by UCL neuroscientist Beau Lotto. With […]

Tile – The Sherlock Holmes of lost items

6th March 2016 0

We all know that awful feeling of losing our luggage while travelling, of misplacing, things, losing our phones, wallet or having our kids hiding the car keys in the house. Sometimes we spend several minutes […]

Educational Robots Dash & Dot (Yana & Bo)

13th February 2016 0

“In a world where the digital is omnipresent, learning how to code has to be done at the same time as learning how to read or to count. Tomorrow, specifying on the resume competencies such […]

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